I have been in business since the late 1990′s, helping many organizations accomplish their technology goals. I have experience in broadcast television, radio, audio recording, multimedia development and website development. I have worked with many different companies, trying to use technology as a tool to help others.


“An Enterprise of Service and Passion”

I believe the best business is one that is based on doing what you love – something you have a true passion for. I have built a business on my passion and desire to help others. Quality, Honesty, and the Desire to serve others is what drives me. I view my job as not just providing you with the services you need, but also helping you to understand the technology so you can concentrate on how it can help your business. Many organizations today have trouble recognizing and understanding the technology they need, and have a difficult time figuring out where to start. My vision has always been to help those in these situations.

Standards I Strive For In Business

  1. Be Honest, truth is more important than anything.
  2. It’s Always Personal, everything is personal, especially business.
  3. Take Responsibility, a clients’ success means my success.
  4. Money is NOT Everything, things that benefit my clients far outweigh the cost.
  5. Quality is Important, do everything in excellence.