In many situations, you need more then technology, you need knowledge. I offer simple solutions for small to medium size businesses and organizations, looking to improve the technology you utilize. I can help you with all aspects of web development, multimedia production, web and media hosting and consultation.

Website Design Services

Design, Ecommerce, Updates and Hosting
 A professionally designed website with rich content, mixed with social networking and regular updates will give your audience a truly unique experience. I have been helping many businesses and ministries create, host and update their websites for over 10 years, and have the knowledge you need to have all the necessary elements to give you a great, affordable website.

How can I help you with your website:

  • Be Mobile Ready
    With more people browsing from their mobile devices, a fully functional mobile website is essential. Websites built on a “Responsive Design” approach, which gives a website visitor a better user experience regardless if they are using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Be Ready to Sell
    Whether you have a brick and mortar store, home business, church, or small office, your website needs to be eCommerce ready. I can also help you sell your products online, a very important element in today’s internet economy and helps in building your brand.
  • Regular Updates
    I can help relieve some of your work, by helping with your updates and other maintenance. Keeping things up to date is the key to visitors coming back to your website and search placement. Even if you have a website you like now, I can help you keep things up to date.
  • Be Reliable
    Once we have your website done, I can help you with choosing a reliable affordable web host or I can host your website for you. All my web hosting costs include 1 hour of monthly regular updates for free.

Multimedia Services

Audio, Video & Live Events Production
Whether you need a marketing video to feature the products and services, a recruitment video to entice job seekers, or a special event video for an upcoming event, I can help you with your next production, recording or internet media.

How can I help you with your multimedia needs:

  • Video Production
    Video takes your message to the next level, capturing the attention of your viewer, bringing your message to life. I can help you with all aspects of video production. I can also help you build a multimedia presentation from any clips, photos or other elements you may have.
  • Live Events
    Having a live event or service go without any major issues is a great accomplishment. I can assist or consult on your next live event with all those behind the scenes needs. I can help live broadcast your event on many different mediums.
  • Get Your Message Out
    Once we have everything done, I can help you with choosing a reliable affordable media host or I can host your content for you. I can also help with authoring, duplication needs, and distribution.

Consulting Services

I can provide on-site or phone consultation for most of your technology needs. I have helped many business and organizations with their technology on a consultation basis. If you don't know what you need, or the quotes you have received have make you wonder what you really need, we can help you understand what you need and why you need it. I can also provide consultation for your clients.
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